Fair-Play Wrestling Scoreboards

Wrestling solutions are available in one and three-sided configurations, each showcases the time, score, period and easy-to-read LED bar digits.

Built For Your Needs

Wrestling is a form of competition that’s fundamentally different from team sports. That means you need wrestling scoreboards that are made with this sport in mind, first and foremost. At Fair-Play, we offer a broad range of scoreboards for wrestling that displays crucial information such as the match clock, individual wrestler scores, and match numbers. The LED indicators mean they are bright and visible from virtually anywhere in your gymnasium or fieldhouse. Plus, they provide long-lasting, energy-efficient performance to ensure you receive the maximum return on your investment.

When you choose one of these wrestling score clocks, you have the option to choose the colors for the board as well as the trim. This ensures that you can match your school’s or organization’s visual identity as well as the look of your venue. We can also provide several choices for controlling your board, ranging from handheld switches all the way up to full-featured control panels. Adding one of our digital displays gives you the ability to add multimedia capabilities for showing replays, advertisements, or sponsored messages.