Fair-Play Hockey Scoreboards

HK models employ three LED digit colors (red, amber and green) to clearly differentiate and organize time, score and player information with extreme clarity from any seat in the house. And they’re available in a wide selection of models that you can custom configure with electronic team names, a shots on goal display, player penalty times, and sponsorship and team logo panels.

Your Best New Teammate

Our range of hockey scoreboards are the perfect solution for all types of venues. No matter what level of play you host — from pee-wees to the pros — these electronic hockey scoreboards keep everyone informed about the action on the ice or on the field. Our LED hockey scoreboards feature longer-lasting components than those using alternative scoreboards; they also consume less power.

In addition to tracking the score, the game clock and the period, we offer ice hockey scoreboards that include penalty information, shots on goal, player numbers and more. You’ll also find controllers and software options to help operate your new board.

With a wide selection of colors for the board and the trim, you can make sure these fit into your team or school identity. Adding one of our LED display boards means you can have full multimedia capabilities for replays, public service announcements, sponsored messages and more. Our indoor and outdoor hockey scoreboards also give you the flexibility to host other sports such as soccer, lacrosse and others.