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Scoreboards, video display devices and in-game solutions for all levels of every sport. Digital scoreboards are just as important to the fan experience as the action on the field. Between providing fans, players and coaches with important information about the score, time remaining and more, electronic scoreboards also keep the energy levels high for the home team by presenting exciting video content and colorful images. An LED scoreboard also presents an opportunity to keep fans entertained even during a lull in the game, showing entertainment packages or advertising from sponsors.

These digital scorekeepers are the focal point of your venue, which is why you should trust Fair-Play for the kind of video scoreboard that provides the maximum levels of performance. As your go-to resource for scoreboard sales, we design and build quality wireless scoreboard products to meet your requirements. Our national network also enables us to provide local install and service support practically anywhere in the country.

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For nearly a century, Fair-Play has excelled as a leading distributor of high-quality and reliable sports industry in-game products. Fast-forward 89 years and Fair-Play is still providing state-of-the-art, top-performing digital scorekeeper and display solutions for venues and sports franchises across the nation. From a shot clock to a new scoreboard, we supply the industry’s best. Browse our products below by choosing your sport or contact us today to talk to a Fair-Play representative.

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