Outdoor LED Display

For outdoor sports from baseball to tennis, scoreboards are about more than which team is winning — they’re powerful tools to unify the crowd and keep everyone connected during a game. This is especially true when they’re integrated with the latest in digital video technology. Think of all an outdoor digital display board can do: communicate information, energize the crowd, and even advertise products and services for a team’s sponsors.

When it comes to outdoor display signage, Fair-Play leads the industry, offering the best in outdoor LED scoreboards and displays. Check out our options to find various electronic scoreboards with high-resolution color displays, ideal for enhancing outdoor sporting events of all kinds. Find the right outdoor LED display for your team or organization among our catalog — and wow your audience at every game.

A Variety of Designs

At Fair-Play, we make it easy to find the perfect outdoor display for your needs because we offer a large selection of possibilities. Available in pixel pitch sizes of 10mm and 16mm, our products provide optimal brightness and image clarity for fans even when they’re up in the farthest stretch of bleachers.

Because we offer custom outdoor LED video display sizes, we’re able to delivery vibrant video and graphics that fit your school, park district, church, or other facility. Provide live updates, directions, or news for upcoming events with a outdoor LED marquee. Plus, we’re able to build stadium display boards or scoreboards to any size and application, viewable wherever your crowd gathers to watch a game.

Our outdoor LED display boards are controlled by the ViPlex Express Software, which gives you simple controls to import media, add special effects and schedule messages that can be displayed at certain times. On top of that, the system is strong enough to run live video transmission straight to the display in real time, without noticeable delays.

The Benefits of Choosing Fair-Play Products

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your marquee, football field, or tennis court, there are so many advantages to choosing a Fair-Play outdoor display.

  • Total Control: Our digital scoreboards are completely customizable, meaning there’s no limit to what you can do. Want to replay a great touchdown? You can set up a full-screen video. Need a tool for tracking the score, running a clock, and displaying a lineup? Our displays can do it. With our scoreboards, you have total control over everything, including branding.
  • More Engaged Fans: Want to pump up the crowd and electrify the atmosphere on game day? Show pre-game videos and run instant replays to excite the fans. Feature high-resolution graphics in vivid color. We’ve designed our products to help you build team spirit and inspire fans to cheer on your players.
  • Better Sponsorship Opportunities: If your team is like most, you rely on sponsorships to keep everything running — so anything that supports potential advertisers is a plus. Enter the digital scoreboard. Give sponsors the chance to have their names, logos, and advertisements broadcast to full stands or an entire stadium with dynamic, larger-than-life displays. It’s a surefire way to encourage contracts.

What Makes Our Company Stand Out?

Fair-Play has a long history of quality scorekeeping products. In the industry since 1934, our company offers an unmatched level of expertise and experience. When you want your facility or team to have the best, highest-quality, most durable choices, you have to come to us. Ready to learn more? Get started by finding authorized dealers in your area.