Fair-Play Lacrosse Scoreboards

Keep your fans and competing teams up to the minute with comprehensive game and stat information. Sponsorship or team namespace is also available on select models.

A Wide Range of Options

Our lineup of lacrosse scoreboards offers the flexibility you need for multiple sports. For example, they include player and penalty information so they can be used for soccer, hockey, and field hockey to display information such as corner kicks, shots on goal, and saves.

The LED digits and indicators they feature provide visibility from hundreds of feet away, along with low power consumption and longer life spans than traditional bulbs. Our scoreboards are available in a wide selection of color options for the board as well as the trim. This makes it easy to fit these into your team or organization’s identity.

We also provide options as well as software to control your scoreboard. Accessories such as an additional clock or shots-on-goal display add to the functionality of these units. When combined with one of our digital LED displays, you can add full multimedia capabilities to show instant replays, advertise sponsored messages, broadcast public service announcements, and more.