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Caribbean Equipment
Puerto Rico
Jorge Cabrera
Phone: (787) 756-5628
[email protected]

Global Sport Resources Ltd.
Leduc County, Alberta, Canada
Nick Etchells
Phone: (877) 477-8007
[email protected]

Viking Alexander Metal Products
British Columbia, Canada
Doug & Sandy Blaney
Phone: (604) 253-8911
[email protected]

Jojo Eugenio
Phone: 011(632) 7500-7559
jo[email protected]

LJV Sport
Mexico and Panama
Fernando Del Valle
Phone: (818) 387-5858
[email protected]

Omega Electronics S.A.
Biel, Switzerland
Geral Laubscher
Phone: 011 (649) 359-9310
[email protected]

OMNI Sport, Inc.
Alberta, Canada
Doug Fidelak
Phone: (866) 654-7465
[email protected]

Creative Sports Solutions /
Ralph Connor Co. Ltd.

New Brunswick / Nova Scotia / Prince
Edward Island / Ontario, Canada
Kevin Holloway
Phone: (905) 806-1866
[email protected]

World Class, S.A.
Lima, Peru
Jose Wong
Phone: (511) 421-6698
[email protected]
[email protected]