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Our story started in 1934 with founder and Iowa teacher Elmer Foster created the first time clock for high school sports. Today, LED Video Displays, Digital Signage, Scoreboards & Ticker Products — FairPlay Corporation is an 90-year-old company with a new vision and premier supplier of digital display.

Foster created the means for a fair game, using technology to level the playing field and bring up-to-the-minute information to amateur sports enthusiasts. The company maintained this focus to develop time clocks and scoreboards illuminated by incandescent lamps. Fair-Play made this technology accessible to everyone from local YMCAs on up through professional-level sports programs.

Over the decades, FAIR-PLAY has delivered on its brand promise with products and solutions that are time-tested while delivering state-of-the-art technologies to the field-of-play.

Old scoreboard

Take a closer look at our 90 years of history as an industry leader.

Fair-Play’s founder started our company on a simple premise: bring scoring accuracy and innovation to those who support sports for the love of the game. Foster created the means for a fair game, using technology to level the playing field and bring up-to-the-minute information to amateur sports enthusiasts.


Fair-Play is founded
by Elmer Foster


Rose Bowl and 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Crowd Countdown Introduced


Install of World Famous Astrodome Scoreboards


Milwaukee Bradley Center Hung with Color Instant Replay


Industry leading court side table installed at over 11 NBA teams and 50 D1 schools

Where we are today. The future of innovation.

Over 200,000 gyms, playing fields and stadiums later, Fair-Play is your single source for sports timekeeping equipment. From electronic scoreboards and message centers to marquees and accessories, Fair-Play stays ahead of the game by designing and building everything you need to track time and keep score. As demonstrated by our new and expanded technology partnerships, only Fair-Play delivers a truly integrated system for permanent and rental LED display solutions.

At our division headquarters in Hazelwood, Missouri, we work hard everyday to reflect the same values you instill in your own players. Work as a team. Give your best effort. And play fair by providing objective information to help customers select the right scoring and timing products for their organizations. That’s the Fair-Play today and in the years to come. For style, performance and innovation, join the thousands of schools, colleges and municipalities that believe in Fair-Play. We are proud to celebrate over 85 years of Fair-Play as a world leader in scoring solutions!

Why Choose Fair-Play?

At Fair-Play we understand the importance of state-of-the-art digital scoreboards and other LED displays for your venue and sports franchises. Not only can they take your games to the next level with display animations and graphics, but they keep spectators, coaches and athletes updated on the game. That’s why we provide only the highest-quality solutions that are user-friendly and robust.

We stand apart from other companies in the industry because of our competitive pricing and superior products. In fact, we were the first company in the industry to manufacture and offer the types of products that we still offer to this day. Our team has the expertise to help you with your unique digital scoreboard and LED display needs. Find an authorized dealer to get started.