10mm Outdoor LED Display Product Details:

If it’s high-resolution color images you’re looking for, the 10mm LED large screen system features a palette of over 281 trillion colors. Combine that with the unmistakable resolution of our 10mm LED technology to produce crystal-clear images in virtually any lighting condition. And with the ability to configure our 10mm solution in virtually any shape and size, you’re viewing audience will not only engage your content they’ll embrace it.

10mm is available in any size, the following sizes by matrix and foot length have face view drawings available for download:
270 x 480: 18ft, 20ft, 24ft, 26ft, 27ft, 28ft, 32ft, 36ft – SF, Rear-Service
360 x 640: 24ft, 26ft, 27ft, 28ft, 32ft, 36ft – SF, Rear-Service


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