Fair-Play Track & Field Scoreboards

Track & Field scoreboards effectively display the results of your indoor or outdoor meets. Each scoreboard clearly displays event number, lane number, time, and competitor placement. Customize to include measurements, total team scores, and other event details.

Fully Featured

The requirements of a track scoreboard are quite different from a general, multi-purpose model. Whereas traditional boards can display the score and game clock for a variety of sports, the scoreboards used for track meets must be tailored for the unique nature of the competition. Fair-Play’s models display lane and place information for individual participants, as well as time. Certain units also feature lap time counters for additional detail.

Made with LED indicators, these scoreboards are constructed to provide greater visibility from multiple distances and viewing angles. This means runners, coaches and spectators alike can see up-to-the-minute statistics at glance. The use of LEDs also means our scoreboards offer longer lifespans and lower energy consumption compared to others.

When you choose one of our scoreboards, you can choose the color of the main board as well as that of the trim. This ensures that the board will fit easily into your organization’s or venue’s visual identity. We offer several options for controlling these boards, from handheld switches to full control panels. When combined with one of our full-color LED digital displays, you will be able to add multimedia capabilities to show instant replays, sponsor messages, and more.