Fair-Play Volleyball Scoreboards

Volleyball models deliver all the game information fans need to follow the number of player digs and player kills, plus the score of each set. The units employ three LED digit colors (red, amber, and green) to clearly differentiate and organize time, score, and player information. The game score section highlights the scores from each game so you know how close your team is to a win.


The functions of a scoreboard in volleyball are unique when compared to other team sports, and we understand that. This is why we offer a range of volleyball scoreboards that provide the information that players, coaches, and fans need to keep up with the action. These include options that track scores for three sets, as well as indicators for the serving team in addition to standard displays such as the game clock and the overall score.

The LED indicator lights we use offer greater visibility from long distances, along with longer lifespans and lower power consumption. We also offer a wide range of color selections for the main board as well as the trim, so these displays can fit into virtually any team or organization’s visual identity.

When combined with one of our full-color LED digital displays, you can add multimedia capabilities to show public service announcements, instant replays, and sponsored messages. You also have a range of options when it comes to controllers, from hand switches to control panels.