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Scoreboard Controls

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Our scoreboard controllers allow you to control Fair-Play indoor and outdoor scoreboards remotely, with or without hard-wiring. Easily update scores, statistics and time as needed. Use for single or multiple scoreboards based on your requirements.

A simple two-line LCD display shows time and data instantly. For added piece of mind, our wireless controllers are backed by Fair-Play’s 100% guarantee. If for any reason your wireless operation doesn’t function properly, Fair-Play will supply all the required parts for hard-wired operation at no cost.

Fair-Play also offers a selection of connection methods from controller to scoreboard.

Direct wired controls are attached to your scoreboard through a cable conduit run under the field or court. This option offers the most secure connection available, but direct wire can be difficult to repair or replace if damaged.

Battery-powered models provide flexibility. You can use them indoors or outdoors in areas with limited electrical connections. The internal batteries typically run for about six hours. No need to carry a battery pack!

Wireless controls are versatile and secure. They are a great option for scoring on established playing fields where trenching for a direct wire connection is undesirable. They also provide flexible control indoors.

Many manufacturers have utilized spread spectrum technology in their wireless controls to avoid interference from other electronic devices. However, there are differences in how the signals are transmitted. Fair-Play recently introduced state-of-the-art frequency hopping technology, designed especially for sports applications. Frequency hopping enhances immunity to radio interference.