Fair-Play Swimming Scoreboards

Our swimming solutions provide all the functionality and system components you need. Each scoreboard can specify the number of lanes, time, and swimmer placement based on your requirements. Please contact your local Fair-Play dealer for all swimming inquiries and controls information.


The swim scoreboards we produce are made specifically for the sport. All the most important information about each meet is displayed in large LED digits that can be seen easily from virtually anywhere in your fieldhouse or natatorium. The LEDs found in our swimming pool scoreboards also provide long life spans and are energy-efficient, giving you the highest levels of performance in every aspect. When you choose us for a swimming electronic timing system, you can receive the maximum return on your investment.

Another advantage of our pool scoreboards is that we offer a wide variety of color choices for the board itself as well as the trim. This means it’s easy to fit these into your existing facility’s décor or to match your school’s or organization’s visual identity.

We also are your complete resource for controls to operate your new board, from simple handheld switches to full-featured panels. Adding one of our LED digital displays to a new scoreboard for your swimming pool gives you additional capabilities. These include instant replays, sponsored messages, and advertising from your partners.


Controls & Software