Fair-Play Esports

Future of Gaming

The Ultimate Gaming Experience

Esports is the future of gaming, with programs now in high schools, universities, and professional arenas across the country. Fair-Play values the next generation of competitors and strives to provide fans the ultimate gaming experience.

On the Cutting Edge

A unique experience calls for a cutting-edge approach. Unlike displays that are built for traditional sports, esports scoreboards have to do much more than tell spectators how much time is left on the clock or who has more points. In a sense, an esport scoreboard is the equivalent of the playing field itself.

Because virtually all the action takes place in a digital world, fans and enthusiasts need to see every detail of what’s happening just as much as the players and coaches do. To show them all the action in crystal-clear detail, esports display solutions need to immerse the crowd in the same way a player is immersed in his or her personal screen.

We’ve been at the forefront of scorekeeping and timekeeping displays for athletics for more than 85 years. Now, we’re proud to cross into this bold new frontier with a lineup of innovative digital LED screens that can deliver the “wow” factor and high-speed excitement that has catapulted esports to a worldwide phenomenon.

Our expertise with these high-resolution displays means we know what it takes to design monitors of practically any size and configuration for each venue’s specific requirements. From after-school events to large-scale professional tournaments, we are the leading resource for display solutions that exceed expectations. We combine decades of know-how with the most advanced technology on the marketplace to provide our clients with the ultimate in multimedia capabilities.

Why Choose Fair-Play?

Since 1934, our focus has always been on providing sports organizations and venues of all types and sizes with the scoreboards and related products that meet their needs. We’ve built a strong reputation over the years as a global leader in the industry, and it’s one we’re devoted to maintaining. If you want to add one of our advanced digital display boards to your space, click here to find the authorized dealer nearest you.