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CST-1600 Court Side Table

39 9/16"
39 5/16"
300 lbs

7.7 foot long Court Side Table configured with frontĀ basketball scoreboard.

Multiple units can be connected end-to-end to create LED displays tailored to specific events. Six casters for even weight distribution and ease of mobility. Internal cable tray to hide and protect cables and wires. Built-in rack-mount space that is hidden from view to reduce clutter and protect equipment. Folding table top designed to avoid damage during setup and maximize storage space. Padded tops and ends for safety are easy to remove to access the cable tray, viewing angle, and alignment.

Standard scoreboard color is black. Optional custom colors are available:

Court Side Table Standard Pad Colors:CST_Pad Colors2016.2

Fair-Play offers 15 FREE standard trim tape colors Fair-Play offers 12 FREE standard scoreboard colors. Custom colors available

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